Connor Kwiecien Focusing on audio, he most recently worked as a production assistant with Oregon Public Broadcasting's "Think Out Loud."

Before graduating from the University of Oregon in 2018, Kwiecien served as news director for the campus radio station where he oversaw more than 200 broadcasts and 100 hours of content. During that time, he brought notable guests to the station including Oscar-winning director of photography Jake Swantko, Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist E. Jason Wambsgans and former head editor of the Buzzfeed News App Stacy-Marie Ishmael.

Every Friday, Kwiecien releases a new episode of “Good News - A Podcast,” a humorous media outlet which amplifies the good, critiques the contemporary, and makes news that better reflects regular people’s lives. Outside of audio, he has worked with a camera and produced a short documentary in London.




Dr. Peter Alilunas -

Examining the Media Before the 2016 Election

E. Jason Wambsgans - 

Demystifying the Media with a Pulitzer Prize Winner 



Good News - A Podcast

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Working Comedy 

A Short Doc On Being A Full-Time Stand Up