by A. Creator

August 1 , 2018

The journey began more than a year ago, and it's clear to hear the progress made. However, it's difficult to tell whether it's paying off. 

On July 17, 2017, "Good News - A Podcast" launched a pilot into a world of other, better podcasts. Its motto: We aren't the best news; we're good news.

After starting with a whirlwind of news stories (for reference, OJ was just granted parole ) we dove into a feature.

The subject in question was whether the media provides more negative news or is negativity a consumer choice.

From a script, Matt read, "This question was a.dressed by Marc Trussler and Stuart Soroka in a study they released in 2014 titled, 'Consumer Demand for Cynical and Negative News Frames.'" 

The study found, regardless of the participant’s news preferences, whether positive or otherwise, people are more likely to choose negative news content.

Other points were made too, but the fact is we knew people liked negative stories, but we're to trying to change their minds anyway.