October 22, 2018 - News To Know

"Before starting, I believe important news falls into two categories: things that’ll impact you and things you should be aware of. I don’t know what’ll impact you, but if you don’t follow the news, and you want to stay informed, this’ll get you aware of what’s going on."

This week's stories in detail: Jamal Khashoggi's death, Sears filing for bankruptcy, Canada legalizing cannabis, the Red Sox are in the World Series and predictions for the highest voter turnout since the mid 1960s.

Other stories in the news that are important to note: 

  • Elections are the ongoing in Afghanistan. 

  • On Monday, a lawsuit filed against Harvard claiming bias against Asian-Americans in admissions arrived in a federal court.

  • Elizabeth Warren, a democratic senator from Massachusetts and likely presidential candidate, received a DNA test which identified Native American DNA in her from six to 10 generations ago. 

  • And, areas impacted by Hurricane Michael are still in recovery. It’s always important to remember the devastation of a storm lasts much longer than the storm itself. 

Connor Kwiecien